Monday, July 5, 2021

Practical Leadership: Delegate the right way

Delegation is a important aspect of Leadership, it also has a high chance of failure OR at best is done mediocrely without any innovation.

Some Leaders feel that if you just tell your reportee what to do, that is Delegating. Others feel that Delegating means micromanaging the engagement to death. But Delegating is more of a journey and less of a one time explanation.

The right way to Delegate for a Leader which has had a rather high rate of success is 

1) Check which of your reportees may be interested to get this task (eg: someone who wants in move to a management role in the future)

2) Explain the tasks related to the Delegated activity

3) Get the reportee introduced to the various stakeholders and inform the stakeholders of the delegation.

4) Show them how to do it once/couple of times as needed, yet encourage them to follow their own way / customize as needed.

5) Check in from time to time on Progress / solve any concerns. 

  • Don't micromanage
  • Frequently of checkin should be low to begin with and should reduce further as delegation activity matures.

6) Don't just give the task, give authority to perform the task.

7) Appreciate the reportee for taking up the task in a wider forum.

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