Monday, June 7, 2021

Practical Leadership - Care for your reportees

 I still remember once when my Leader called me up as I was driving down to office to tell me that there is a huge crowd of people below the office protesting (my office was next to the Slum Rehabilitation Office) a change in some bylaws; he told me drive down to a different parking spot away from this chaos.

He did not have to do this, he could have simply ignored to let me know and it was not much but it showed my Leader cared. This got deeply imprinted in my mind and today still serves as a reminder as to why I take care of my reportees.

Simple things matter; showing you care matters. 

Today if one of my reportees falls ill, I call up OR drop a message and ask how he/she is doing. If someone's close family member is not in the best of health I ask my reportee to take some time off to tend to their near and dear ones. Fancy gifts, an award from the Office front etc are important, and will act as a short term feel good factor for your reportee  but those will be forgotten. 

What you will be remembered for will be that you genuinely cared, showed them you are human and eventually that's all that matters.


  1. Good one Kedar. Best regards, Anup Malavia

  2. Caring is the simple & best way to lead life. Thanks for sharing .

  3. Good things always comes back to you Kedar


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